GIMS Website Launched

The National Minerals Agency is excited to launch their new "Geo-Data and Information of Sierra Leone" website, which was created as part of the World Bank funded project Geo-Data Information Management System (GIMS) for the National Minerals Agency of Sierra Leone (RFP-No.: MMMR/EITAP/CS-01/12)! The project was conducted by the German consultancy company GAF AG. The new GIMS is a specifically tailored version of GAF's GeMinIS (Geological and Mineral Information System).

The new website will be a central entry point for mining investors, license holders, and the public in general to retrieve information and data related to the Mineral Sector of Sierra Leone.

  • Interested in Open Data?

    Check out the Open Data catalogue of the website to download freely available data. While this website has just come to live and provides only an initial set of data, further datasets will be added in the near future.

  • Online Maps and Services

    Take a look at the Map section to get access to the publicly available online maps. You can also include the map services behind in your own GIS application or feed it to your maps. The necessary links are provided for each map.

  • Looking for reporting templates for license holders?

    All necessary reporting templates can be dowloaded form the Template section of this website. You can use these templates to use for your reporting. In addition, a couple of templates for the submission of data to the National Mineral Agency are provided here.

  • Want to order a map or publication?

    Check out the Data ordering section of the website to browse the list of available map products and publications.

If you experience any problems using the new website or if you have any questions, please contact us.