Open Data

The data catalog is a listing of available public datasets, including maps, pre-formatted tables, reports, and other resources.

Title Type Description File(s)
Chiefdom boundaries SubTopography Chiefdom boundaries of Sierra Leone Chiefdoms
District boundaries SubTopography Districts of Sierra Leone Districts
National boundary SubTopography National boundaries of Sierra Leone National boundaries
Province boundaries SubTopography Provinces of Sierra Leone. Provinces
Settlements SubTopography Major settlements/cities of Sierra Leone. Contains district captitals and the country capital. Capital Freetwon | Dictrict capitals
Isolines SubTopography Isolines for Sierra Leone. Data derived from SRTM 90m DEM. 50 meter isolines | 100 meter isolines
Rivers SubTopography Compilation of the major rivers in Sierra Leone. Main Rivers | Major rivers
Roads (A & B type) SubTopography Aggreated road layer (A & B types) for Sierra Leone. Aggregated roads (A & B types) | Roads (A & B types) | Roads (A & B types)
250k map sheets of Sierra Leone SubTopography Geological map sheets in the scale of 1:250,000 n/a
50K map sheets of Sierra Leone SubTopography This datasets contains the official map sheet index of the topographic maps in the scale of 1:50,000 for Sierra Leone Scanned map of 50k map sheets | Digital map of the 50k map sheets
Protected Area Boundaries SubTopography Contains the buffer areas for all protected areas in Sierra Leone. Buffer size is one mile. One mile buffer shapefile
Protected Areas SubTopography Protected Areas of Sierra Leone Protected Area Shapefile #1 | Protected area shapefile #2
Environmental Studies on the Bubuna Falls SubEnvi n/a